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Closing Message

It was an honour to host the BreastScreen Australia Conference this year in Adelaide. 

The response was overwhelmingly positive! We had an amazing turn out from all jurisdictions across the country. The exploration of ideas around technology and the future sparked invigorating discussion and debate on what this might mean for the future of breast screening and the early detection of breast cancer. The inspiring opening key note address by Mandy Simpson certainly got us thinking about what the future holds for all of us, not just in our workplace, but in our daily lives. 

I would like to thank all speakers for their time and efforts which contributed to making our conference highly successful. I would also like to thank everyone for attending and contributing to discussions, debate, ideas and networking.

Thank you to BreastScreen Australia, the various BreastScreen programs across the country and the event organisers, Think Business Events, for all their hard work.

We look forward to the next BreastScreen Australia conference!

Jane Burden
General Manager, BreastScreen SA

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