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I am delighted to be hosting the BreastScreen Australia Bi-Annual ConferenceBig Ideas: The Next Decade’. As the name suggests, this conference will explore some “Big Ideas” that may improve the breast screening program by investigating new and exciting technologies, discussing and debating current clinical best practices in the early detection of breast cancer, and bringing together medical professionals to explore new avenues in breast cancer diagnosis and treatments.

Across this three day program, you will hear from some inspiring speakers and experts to talk about developments in breast cancer detection and treatments. It is essential that as a program we continue to look into ways of improving our services to women, and provide them with the service and expectations which they deserve. The optimal care of patients with breast cancer is continuing to change and we will also hear about state of the art treatments now being trialled or implemented.

It is certainly going to be a worthwhile event with lots of new clinical knowledge to be gained.

We look forward to welcoming consumers, researchers and health advocates from interstate and overseas, as well as staff from the various BreastScreen Australia Network programs to the conference in our beautiful city of Adelaide.

Jane Burden
Conference Committee Chair and General Manager, BreastScreen SA

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